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Our Specials

We serve  decent collection of poutines with homemade sauce gluten free and burgers are served with french fries & salad. We also offer fresh salads and Mains. We have wide variety of drinks like beer, alcoholic coffees, hot drinks, alcohol-free drinks. We have delicious desserts including homemade chocolate cake. 

Poutine sauce

Our homemade poutine sauce is made of fresh vegetables every day in the morning. The sauce is light and tasty. Also this is a pure vegetarian sauce and gluten free too.


Special chesse

Our cheese is very fresh and squeezy. We get this cheese from a local dairy every day.

french fries

We use fresh red potatoes for our fries. we cut our potatoes every morning with skin. We also don’t use frozen potatoes. Our fries are tasty and crispy.

Our Poutine Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of poutines is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing poutines to satisfy your palate.

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  • 3482 St Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3L3
  • +1(514)848-0316